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Jan 11, 2010 6:30pm EST
karzai is riding the postelection ride of hope, abc news and our partners sent pollsters out door to door taking the pulse of 1,500 people, asking them about ordinary life. also, that covering for women, the burqa. should it be the husband's decision or hers? in this country a split decision. the majority of men say it's the husband's choice. this woman added perspective. my husband's not the problem, she says. it's the taliban i'm afraid of. and sometimes small signes of progress. 60% of the poll says they are cell phones. every one of you as a cell phone? but 85% of them say they have no refrigerator. and few of hope of such a thing. and one more sobers number. more than half of afghans say they have never been to school. and we'll be back with more from afghanistan later. now, we head back to new york and general stephanopoulos with the other day news. >>> still ahead "world news," a public apology from the senate majority leader. >>> and mark mcgwire finally comes kpleen about using steroids with enhe broke one of baseball's record. what is behind today's confession? i'm just a skepti
Jan 12, 2010 6:30pm EST
of afghanistan, hamid karzai about many things, including the arrival of those new american troops, part of the surge. and also this crucial year for afghanistan, america, and this war. do you feel this year is the last chance? >> i cannot describe it as the last chance. or the only chance, no. i can call it a great opportunity. we must grasp it this year. i can say this is an important opportunity with the new interests in afghanistan by the united states with more awareness within afghanistan on our shortfalls and shortcomings and the requirements for a better afghanistan. >> part of the opposition of the united states was americans are losing their lives. and we know afghan security forces and civilians are losing their lives, too. but americans are losing their live lives when corruption is undermining the objective. >> the objective is here, indeed. corruption is there in afghanistan. corruption is undermining our government, our society, and we must continue to work against it. i as the president of afghanistan am responsible and must take care of the afghan part of corruption. wit
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)